The Stock of Reputation


When the host of the democratic national debate October 13,2015 asked candidates what the single most threat to the national security system was and Hillary Clinton said making sure that Russia doesn’t get ahold of nuclear weapons.

I found that extremely suspicious. And I wondered why nobody had asked why the United States feels that they have it in their right to prevent other nations from possessing nuclear weapons when we are the only nation that has used them.

What makes America think that they’re God?
And most importantly,what makes people assume that politicians like Hillary Clinton are not advised on their reputation as per the delivery of their statements. Anybody can look up anything these days. Reputation is everything. And even more than everything, it’s business. If you want to learn more contact Bright Past which offers advanced reputation management for business.

In the business of reputation in the era of post-Google, the representation of your personal statements mean a lot. That a lot can sum up to a few things, including how many people support or “endorse” you. Or possibly even, what your next career move or opportunity is. Possibly even how much “airtime” you get. And also, what you eat and where you at,and most importantly how much and what type of influence you have on any given audience or the publication large.

Ballotpedia has published some interesting information in regard to what can arguably be described as one of the most difficult job in America right now,campaign manager.With the 2016 elections coming up this coming November, it’s important to understand who is behind the political attire of the candidates, and why. Another important aspect to the understanding is why it’s important that candidates have campaign managers.

As a discipline and a branch of profession within a company, PR and Reputation management are evolving factions of interest within the business world, I liken the enterprise as the use of businesses hiring “creative directors”. The recognition of substance and necessity is forthcoming and open to interpretation, however so the denial of the influence of reputation management is purely arrogance.

Don’t underestimate it, but even more so, don’t overlook the presiding aspect of why reputation in it of itself is important in the first place. If there is no reputation, there is nothing to manage. Something has to be created.

You don’t stay on point, by saying you’re on point but you can get off point by failing to remember the point you are trying to make, just so long as we are on the same subject.

The Air of Competence