Reputation Influences Image

While image may not always influence reputation, reputation can certainly most likely influence or enhance image.Many would say the two are incompatible.Conversely, either can be exploited to provoke the stimulation of another.

Looking at the effect of pop culture in relation to reputation management, we also see that many of the major Television Networks are vying for the attention of consumers by exploiting the intangible measures of reputation whereby the passing of a commoditible public figure, story, company or brand is concerned.

Funny is it, to see how the managing of reputation becomes even more lucrative after, that thing has died. Dying in a both a figurative or physical sense. Quality reputation management also has an impact whereby the demand for a commoditible thing is of essence.

I don’t know anybody who isn’t watching The Fox TV Series “American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson”.Suddenly an influx of Google searches thing Chris Darden, Marcia Clark, Anna Nicole Brown Smith, Robert Kardashian, Mark Furhman and everyone else in anyway connected with the phenomenon are virtually breaking the internet.

Even more interesting is the application of reason whereby reputation management may translate in apparent value whereby stock price is concerned for a particular commodity and be virtually valueless to another commoditible reputation such as the case with Fox’s television network.

As many are aware, Fox News is owned and operated under the Global Media conglomerate controlled by Rupert Murdoch and based in New York (Associated Press). The symbol for News Corp (NWS) is currently reflecting a suppressed share value of $12.67 cents per share. In comparison with all of its counterparts or subsidiary reputation managed commodities that are prospering through the exploitation of the O.J. Simpson trial, one would presume that the popularity would directly translate to the stock price, but not necessarily. $12.67 cents per share is an extremely humble value for a brand with such a reputable reputation.

The Air of Competence